Chinese Platters & More

Chinese Platters

All orders served with Fried Rice and Fortune Cookies

Chicken Chow Mein5.79
Shrimp Chow Mein5.79
Broccoli Beef5.79
Moo Goo Gai Pan5.79
Pepper Steak5.79
*Hunan Beef5.79
*Garlic Shrimp6.09
House Special6.09
*Kung Pao Chicken5.79
*Kung Pao Shrimp6.09
*Spicy Chicken5.79
Sweet & Sour Chicken6.09
Sweet & Sour Pork6.09
Almond Chicken5.79
Broccoli Chicken5.79
*Mongolian Beef5.79
*General Chicken6.29
Vegetarian Delight5.59
Lemon Chicken6.09
Cashew Chicken5.79
Sesame Chicken6.29
Press Chicken6.29
Shrimp Egg Foo Yang6.59
Orange Chicken6.29

*Hot and Spicy

Substitutions for Fried Rice:
Vegetable, Chicken, Beef or Pork: +$2.39
Shrimp or Combo Fried Rice: +$2.59
Vegetable Lo Mein or Chicken Lo Mein: +$2.49
Shrimp Lo Mein or Combo Lo Mein: +$2.79



Egg Roll(1)1.39, (3) 3.59
Shrimp Cheese Puffs (6)3.59
Chinese Fried Shrimp (4)3.19
Child’s Platter3.59
Fried Biscuit2.99
Steamed Dumplings (8)$5.49






Egg Drop Soup1.69
Wonton Soup1.99
Hot & Sour Soup1.99
Extra Meat1.99
Extra Shrimp1.89
Cup Sauce1.99